Good news if you somehow have not managed to read the whole Rider’s Revenge series yet, the ebook box set of the series is on sale for just 99 cents and will be until November 5th. This is a HUGE discount off of the regular price and the best price it’s ever been and is ever likely to be.

I was able to snag a Bookbub deal (which are not easy to get) and decided to take advantage of it.

So grab it while you can. And if you’ve already read the series and liked it, let others know who haven’t read it before. (I personally am weird and hate talking about the books I love with others because reading is such an individual experience for me, so I completely understand if you are that person, too, but if you aren’t and want to share with others, this is a great time to do it.)

Links: Apple, Amazon, Kobo, Nook, Google, Universal

(Also, still trying to decide what I think of the similar books listing on Google. Tolkien? Hm, no, not so much…)