It’s been almost five years since I published Rider’s Revenge and 2020 is a hellscape in a million ways. I’m also working towards publishing a new novel (hopefully–see hellscape comment above) soon.

So, in the interim I decided it was time for new covers for the Rider’s series. If you’re like my mother you’ll prefer the old covers, but I figure after a certain amount of time it’s always good to mix things up a bit and try something new.  And I do think the new covers are gorgeous.


Rider's Revenge - eBook small
Rider's Rescue - eBook small
Rider's Resolve - eBook Small

Aren’t they pretty? And, yes, they are very different from the old ones which was the whole point. Mix it up and try something brand new.

If you read in ebook and are absolutely crushed about this, the three-book “box set” will still have the old cover.

I do hope you like them.

(And like I said, I am working on something new. I actually have four or five story ideas that all want to be written but none have developed in my mind to the point that they’re ready to take off so I have about three chapters written of each one and then they stall and need more backbrain time. It’s very annoying. Good news is once that first new novel in a series is written the rest comes much easier but the fallow period is a frustrating one.)