I posted about how reading was my refuge when I was in college over on my non-fiction blog. Which is why I’ve decided to drop the price on my Rider’s Revenge series for anyone who hasn’t yet had a chance to read the full series. So instead of $7.99 each, you can now get the individual titles for just $2.99 or the entire trilogy for $4.99.

In addition, I have dropped the price on a number of the titles I have out under other pen names. I’m listing them below. Keep in mind here that there is a reason I use pen names, so you may have loved the Rider’s Revenge series and not like any of the other books. But if you, like me, need an escape and are always on the lookout for new authors to read, then maybe check them out.

The mystery series (the one with the dog on the cover) is the most light-hearted of the bunch. Erelia is a fantasy but it’s multiple viewpoint and has a much darker plot line. And the contemporary romance is, well, a romance. There are also a number of non-fiction titles I’ve dropped the price on, too, if you’d like to use this time to dig in on a non-fiction topic. I’d highly recommend Budgeting for Beginners if you’re feeling financially shaky right now. I’ve lived with unsteady income for over a decade at this point and I have some tips in there about how to see where you are when you’re in that situation.

Take care of yourselves and hopefully before the year is out I’ll have a new fantasy novel for you.

(Click on the images for a Books2Read page with all of the available stores, or they should be available at your chosen retailer. Only Erelia is exclusive to Amazon.)


Riders-Revenge-The-Complete-Trilogy-GenericThe Rider’s Revenge Trilogy: ($4.99 USD) A feminist YA fantasy adventure trilogy about a young girl who sets out to avenge her father and finds herself caught up in much bigger issues.



Erelia blue flame 20151222v5Erelia: (Available on Amazon Only, $2.99 USD and in KU) A dystopian utopia. Life seems perfect on the surface, but the reader sees just what horrible actions create that perfection. Also has a pandemic subplot. (I had unpublished this one just because I thought it needed a sequel and I wasn’t sure when I’d write that sequel, so be forewarned.)


A-Dead-Man-and-Doggie-Delights-KindleA Dead Man and Doggie Delights: (99 cents) First in what will soon be a six-book cozy mystery series set in the Colorado mountains. For lovers of Newfoundland dogs, Colorado, and quirky characters who like a little murder on the side. (Book 2, A Crazy Cat Lady and Canine Crunchies is also reduced to $2.99 USD.)


Something-Worth-Having-KindleSomething Worth Having ($2.99 USD): Contemporary romance bordering on women’s fiction. About a woman facing a breast cancer diagnosis who goes on a road trip with a man she is absolutely not allowed to fall in love with. (A related but standalone title, Something Gained, is also just $2.99 right now.



Non-Fiction ($2.99 USD each)

Excel for Beginners open sans boldv2

Excel for Beginners: A guide to Microsoft Excel for those who need to master the basics.



Budgeting for Beginners open sansBudgeting for Beginners: A book that will teach you how to figure out where you are financially, judge what that means, and give tips for how to improve. Especially helpful right now for those who are finding themselves without a steady paycheck, because it covers how to approach irregular income like that. (Also available in audio as the Juggling Your Finances Starter Kit.)

Quick--Easy-Cooking-for-One-KindleQuick & Easy Cooking for One: Exactly what it says. A guide to cooking for yourself for the absolute beginner. More concept-based than step-by-step, but it does include recipes.



Writing for Beginners open sans

Writing for Beginners: An overview of what a beginning writer should know to get started. Includes discussions of point of view, tense, as well as agents and publishing paths. (Also available in audio under the title The Beginning Writer’s Guide to What You Should Know.)


Dont Be a Douchebag PC version 20160803v10Don’t Be a Douchebag: Online Dating Advice I Wish Men Would Take: A snarky guide to online dating for men who aren’t doing so well at it. (Also available in audio. Some retailers may have a different cover.)