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First, apologies to anyone who was reading the Rider’s Revenge series through KU since it’s no longer in KU.


For all of those who were waiting for the ebooks of the series to be available on platforms other than Amazon, they are! Yay.  (I would’ve made this announcement earlier in the week but the books were hung up at Nook and, to a lesser extent, Google. Technology is wonderful and horrible all at the same time.)

And, because I wanted to make sure everyone had access to the same promotional price, Rider’s Resolve is currently $2.99 (or whatever the equivalent to that is in other currencies).

So links:

Books2Read (should take you to the books on your chosen platform in your chosen country)

Nook (B&N), Google, iTunes (Apple), Kobo, Amazon

Also, if you haven’t yet bought book 2 there will be a promotion on the entire series the first week of October and book 1 will be 99 cents and books 2 and 3 will be $3.99 during that week.

For those of you who have already read the entire series and really don’t care about any promotions on books you’ve already read…

You’re probably wondering when the next book will be out.

Hard to say. I have a weird working style that involves thinking a lot about a book before I sit down to write it and, perversely, writing non-fiction while I’m doing so.

Good news is I’m about at the end of the non-fiction portion of that process. (If you have any interest in Microsoft Excel I just published four titles related to it under M.L. Humphrey. No? That doesn’t sound as interesting as flying horses? Fair enough.)

I have one more non-fiction title to write and then I’ll turn back to novels at the end of the month. At that point it’s probably six months until I’ll have the next novel ready to publish.

But no promises. Life is tricky and unpredictable and full of curve balls.