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So I figured it was time for a bit of an update on the sequel to Rider’s Revenge.

First, yes, there will be a sequel.  (I think if there weren’t a couple of my friends might disown me for the cliff-hanger at the end of book one that I didn’t realize was a cliff-hanger when I wrote it).

Second, when?

While I was originally shooting for April, life got in the way.  I was lucky enough to write full-time last year, but in November I took on some paid work and that work turned out to be more demanding of my time than expected.  Life.  It happens.

And my perfectionist nature won’t let me put out the book until I like it.  (And my mom does.  Believe it or not she’s my toughest critic, but also biggest supporter.)

So the new goal is to get the book out by the end of June.

Why then?  Because that’s when I have one of those “what am I doing with my life?” birthdays and saying “publishing a book” seems like a pretty good answer to that question.

Sorry for the delay for anyone who was hoping it would be out sooner, but hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.