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Well, here we go!  I have to say this is probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever done in my life.

What is that you might ask?

I’m going to publish my novel, Rider’s Revenge, on October 1st.

It’s not the first thing I’ve ever published, but it’s the first time I’ve decided to go “all-in” on something and really put it all out there.  I’ve found someone to do the cover, it’s been reviewed too many times to count, and in six weeks’ time, I’ll publish it and hope that a bunch of people I don’t know actually want to read it and give me a chance to challenge and entertain them.

There’s so much to worry about it’s not even funny.

Will the cover come out well?  (I hope so.  The cover artist I found is even doing a photo shoot for it to get it just right!)

Will people like my writing?  (It’s epic fantasy but written in a more fast-paced YA sort of way.  Personally, I find I like shorter paragraphs and scenes these days, but will others?)

Will it be too feminist?  (I like to think it’s a great coming of age adventure story with a kick-ass heroine, but the main character is a strong woman who has some opinions about the crap place she finds herself and how women are treated there.  I hope I didn’t overdo it, but I won’t know until I see those reviews come in.)

Will the people who might like it even see it to know it’s out there?  (So many books are published these days, it’s easy to just sink into nothingness even if you do have a good story to tell.)

AH!  Scary times.  But exciting, too.

Fingers crossed it goes well and this is just the first of many posts in my publishing career.